Used Excavator – Total Hours Worked

When considering the purchase of a used excavator, one crucial factor to assess is the total hours worked, also known as operating hours or machine hours. The total working time of the excavator serves as a key reference indicator for evaluating its condition and potential lifespan.

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Significance of Total Hours Worked:

  1. Wear and Tear:
    • Every time the excavator is in operation, all its components are engaged, leading to gradual wear and tear.
    • The total hours worked provide insights into the extent of wear on critical components such as the engine, hydraulic system, and undercarriage.
  2. Maintenance Requirements:
    • The total hours worked serve as a basis for scheduling maintenance tasks and servicing intervals.
    • Higher operating hours may indicate the need for more frequent maintenance to address wear-related issues and ensure continued performance.
  3. Resale Value:
    • Total hours worked influence the resale value of the excavator. Lower operating hours typically command a higher resale value, reflecting lesser wear and potential for extended service life.
  4. Usage History:
    • Knowing the total hours worked provides valuable information about the excavator’s usage history and operational workload.
    • It allows potential buyers to assess whether the excavator has been subjected to heavy-duty applications or lighter tasks, influencing its overall condition.

Inspection and Verification:

  1. Hour Meter Reading:
    • Verify the hour meter reading on the excavator’s dashboard or control panel.
    • Compare the recorded hours with the seller’s documentation or service records to ensure accuracy and authenticity.
  2. Visual Inspection:
    • Assess the overall condition of the excavator, considering factors such as wear on components, hydraulic leaks, and structural integrity.
    • Higher operating hours may correlate with visible signs of wear and require closer inspection of critical components.

In summary, the total hours worked is a fundamental reference indicator when evaluating a used excavator. By considering the significance of operating hours and conducting thorough inspections, buyers can make informed decisions regarding the excavator’s condition, maintenance requirements, and potential longevity.

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